Top 4 Benefits of Summer Music Camps 

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The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer, and—can you believe it?!—summer is on the horizon. As a parent, you might be searching for day camps to help your child stay social and creative while school is out. Summer music camps are a great parent- and kid-approved option for doing just that. 

Read on as our music education experts break down the top four reasons to add a little music to your summer by joining a music camp. 

1. Make New Friends & Have Fun

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Summer music camps bring together peers who share a passion for music, often resulting in kids feeling like they’ve found “their people” and sometimes even forging life-long friendships. At community music schools like Merit School of Music, camps introduce kids and teens to fellow music-lovers from different backgrounds and neighborhoods, broadening each other’s worldviews. 

The environment of a music day camp—equal parts fun and learning—allows campers to let loose while still growing as a musician. Of course, making music is always fun, but summer has an extra-large dose of it. Think: silly songs, games, and energetic performances. There’s also less pressure than during the school year, allowing young musicians the freedom to experiment with their music and get creative. This environment keeps kids engaged and builds excitement for music, helping them stick with it when the school year returns. 

2. Enhance Skills or Learn a New Instrument

Music camps help young musicians to refine their instrumental or vocal skills by immersing themselves in their craft for one or two weeks. The best music camps push music students to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new—a valuable experience that helps them grow musically and keeps them creatively challenged. 

At Merit, your child is not only able to lean into the music they love, they are also encouraged to try songwriting, a second instrument, a piece that’s outside their wheelhouse, or something else new over the summer. 

Summer is also a particularly good time to start learning an instrument for the first time since kids are not as busy with school and homework. A music camp for beginners gives them the opportunity to see if they enjoy singing or playing the piano before they commit to an afterschool activity for the academic year. 

3. Spark Personal Growth

summer camp learn skills

Kids and teens learn and grow so much at summer camp! A good music camp not only teaches campers about music but also teaches them about life and about themselves.  

Through meeting and making music with new friends, your child gains experience with relationship-building and teamwork skills. And since they’re meeting peers with similar interests, they feel like they belong, helping to boost their confidence and sense of self. Campers are trying new things and learning new skills which stimulates their brain power and contributes to a sense of achievement. 

4. Learn from the Experts

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Instruction from top music teachers helps campers refine their technique and musicianship. Merit’s passionate and highly experienced teaching artists are some of the best in Chicago. The more laid-back summer camp environment lets students strengthen bonds with their teachers, helping teachers tailor how they challenge and motivate your child.  

Certain music camps—such as Merit’s one-week instrument intensives for piano, trumpet, tuba, flute, and more—bring in expert special guest artists and educators too. These unforgettable experiences of working with “the greats” help experienced student musicians further hone their craft and provide the opportunity to form valuable connections for future musical studies and careers. 

When summer music camps end, campers leave with new friends, skills, perspectives, and memories that last a lifetime. 

Merit School of Music offers vocal and instrumental music day camps for kids and teens, with options for all ages, instruments, and experience levels. Student musicians have the chance to study with some of the best music educators in the region while having fun and making friends with young music lovers from across Chicago.  

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