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Early Childhood

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Merit School of Music’s learning environment is playful, developmentally stimulating, and musically rich.

Our Early Childhood specialists incorporate song, chant, movement exercises, and instrument play to develop a child’s imagination, musical awareness, and expressiveness. Your child will have a blast learning the essential musical building blocks and taking their first steps on a lifetime journey of musical appreciation.

Make music with Merit after the current Early Childhood session has begun! Contact Ms. Sally to join one of our classes with open spots and get set up with prorated tuition for the classes you missed.


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Improved Perceptual Skills

+ Language and literacy aptitudes
+ Spatial reasoning
+ Fine motor coordination
+ Planning, prediction, and understanding of syntax

Benefits in School

+ Music students show better memory, vocabulary, and reading levels over the course of a year
+ Musical children are more likely to pursue higher education

Stronger Sense of Self

+ Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills
+ Added motivation and ambition
+ Greater self-regulation, discipline, and focus


Your registration supports an AWESOME mission to provide Chicago youth with equal access to music education.

Early Childhood Music Classes

“Class has definitely helped my child’s gross motor skills. She was pretty quiet before and now she’s running and dancing all over the place. It’s something she looks forward to every week.”

-Merit Early Childhood Parent

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Stimulate your baby’s young mind by exploring movement, rhythm, simple percussion instruments, and high and low sounds. In Music Explorers, babies are introduced to musical sounds, sensations, and instruments like shakers, tambourines, and drums that help develop motor skills and strengthen strong neural pathways.

Join Merit’s community of parents and caregivers in musical games and activities that introduce a wide variety of music for the first time and learn along with your baby so that you can continue making music at home.

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What could be better than making music and learning together as a family? In this mixed-age class, siblings can enjoy music together along with their grown-ups. Musical activities are designed to engage students across multiple ages which provides children the opportunity to interact with and learn from each other.

Learn songs and activities that can be continued at home and build your repertoire of traditional and multicultural tunes that are soon to become family favorites.

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Jugamos juntos (let’s play together!) in this mixed-age Spanish bilingual music class that takes you into the musical world of Spanish-speaking countries. Join the musical journey as we explore Spanish folk music, culture, and language.

Learn songs and activities that can be continued at home and build your repertoire of traditional and multicultural tunes that are soon to become family favorites. This class is open to children and parents of all levels of experience with the Spanish language – no fluency required!

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Prepare to be amazed at what your young musician can do! In Music Masters I, students will learn the components of timbre, rhythm, pitch, beat, and style. In this imaginative class, your child will explore the building blocks of music, experiment with percussion instruments, and play and sing along to music from many world cultures. 

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Ukuleles are taking the world by storm! See how this versatile instrument can make at-home music time even more fun. In this adult-child class, grown-ups learn to play the ukulele while the whole classroom community engages with songs, singing games and dances, musical books, and instrument exploration.

This class is designed for activities to continue at home to extend learning and family time through music. Your class tuition includes the cost of a high-quality, concert-sized ukulele that is yours to keep! You’ll have the option to keep rockin’ on the ukulele this fall by signing up for our Ukulele & You! 2 class.

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With age-appropriate options for kids ages 0-7, the right class is just a click away!