Early Childhood

Introducing babies, toddlers, and young children to the joy of music.

Developmental Music Classes for Babies, Toddlers, & Kids

Our Early Childhood specialists incorporate song, chant, movement exercises, and instrument play to develop a child’s imagination, musical awareness, and expressiveness. 

Your child will have a blast learning essential musical building blocks and taking their first steps on a lifetime journey of musical appreciation.

Young children playing instruments during an early childhood class

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Why Early Childhood Music Classes?

Improved Perceptual Skills

  • Language and literacy aptitudes 
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Planning, prediction, and understanding of syntax

Benefits in School

  • Music students show better memory, vocabulary, and reading levels over the course of a year
  • Musical children are more likely to pursue higher education

Stronger Sense of Self

  • Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills
  • Added motivation and ambition
  • Greater self-regulation, discipline, and focus

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Can I switch classes or class times?

Nap times change, students advance and grow faster than we expect…YES. Simply reach out to Ms. Frances at [email protected] and she’ll work with you to switch you into a class that works.

If we miss a class, can we make it up?

Yes! Three make-up classes are allowed per semester with 24 hours’ notice to your child’s instructor and Ms. Frances at [email protected]. 10 make-up classes are allowed per year for families enrolled in Early Childhood annual memberships.

The current semester has already begun. Can I still join? How do I get my tuition prorated?

Yes, you can join at any point during a semester! Simply contact Ms. Frances at [email protected] to join one of our classes with open spots and get set up with prorated tuition for the classes you missed.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do! Merit is happy to offer one free trial class for new families. Fill out the form at the top of this page to get started. Someone from our team will be in touch with you to confirm the details of your trial class.

Find the Right Music Class for Your Child

With age-appropriate options for kids ages 0-8, the right class is just a click away!