Music Classes & Lessons by Age

We offer one-on-one music lessons and group classes for students at every level including babies, toddlers, kids, pre-teens, teens, and adults.

Music Education at Every Age

Our expert faculty deliver high-quality music programs for students of every age and level of experience

Discover the building blocks of music through creative play, movement, and song

Learn to read and practice music in group classes, ensembles, or private lessons

Build lifelong skills and habits exploring musical concepts and a variety of instruments

Choose your musical path and find a community of peers as you become a poised musician

Hone your instrumental technique or start learning an instrument for the first time

Young students in an early childhood class selecting an instrument

Babies & Toddlers

(Newborn – 5 years)

Early Childhood classes are led by specialists who incorporate developmentally appropriate exercises in song, chant, movement, and instrument play. We introduce developing minds to the world of music, expanding imagination, musical awareness, and expressiveness. Music classes stimulate physical, emotional, and social development in babies and kids. Learn more about the benefits of Early Childhood music education.

Instruments offered:

  • Cello (4+)
  • Violin (4+)
  • Ukulele (5-8)


(Ages 6 – 9 years)

Kids can begin learning their instrument, how to read music, and experience the joy of playing music with others. Merit’s offering of Early Childhood programming, private lessons, group classes, summer camps, and ensembles ensures not only a great starting point, but also a robust path to continue developing as a musician. 

Studying music helps kids express their emotions and develop focus and discipline. Learn more about how learning music can enrich your child’s life.

Instruments offered:

  • Ukulele (5-8)
  • Violin, cello, piano, bass (7+)
  • Viola (7+)
  • Children’s choir (7+)
  • Guitar (9+)
  • Woodwind and brass instruments (9+)
  • Percussion (9+)
A young guitar student focusing on creating chords on the guitar frets
A student playing the cello during a rehearsal


(Ages 10 – 13 years)

Pre-teens can continue their training or start fresh in music. Merit’s selection of private lessons, group classes, summer camps, ensembles, and Conservatory training allows us to meet every student exactly where they’re at, and provide them a path to continue growing.

Music offers pre-teens positive and collaborative social experience, increasing their confidence and sense of self. It’s also linked to higher academic results in math, science, and English. Learn more about how learning music can enrich your pre-teen’s life.

Instruments offered:


(Ages 14 – 18 years)