Music for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children

Engaging children who are deaf or hard of hearing through the power of music education.

Music Education for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children

Merit School of Music is proud to partner with the Foundation for Hearing and Speech Resources (FHSR) to provide high-quality music education for children who are deaf or hard of hearing through the Music to My Ears (MTME) program.  

For children with hearing loss, MTME provides the added benefits of easing language acquisition and reinforcing normal hearing patterned speech as well as the evidence-based benefits of music education, including social-emotional skills development, language development, and music appreciation. Through music education, our goal is to give the joy of music to deaf and hard of hearing children and all the lifelong benefits of having music in their lives.

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A Merit instructor working with students in a deaf or hard of hearing class


Music education is especially beneficial for children with hearing loss. Learning music helps them with:

Proper breathing and articulation

Increased language acquisition and complexity of sentence structure

Better detection of word rhythmic regularity in conversations

Enhanced social-emotional skills and confidence

Reinforced inhibitory control and muscle memory

What We Offer

In partnership with FHSR, Merit is delighted to provide music programming for children ages 3-13 at four local Chicagoland schools:

By curating a music curriculum specifically for children with hearing loss, Merit’s Early Childhood teaching artists and FHSR’s staff bring the joy and discipline of music into each student’s life through this one-of-a-kind, school-based program.

Music Class Scholarships

Thanks to our partnership with FHSR and their generosity, children ages 0-8 who are deaf or hard of hearing are eligible for full scholarships to join Merit’s Early Childhood music classes, group music classes, or private lessons at no cost.

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FHSR x Merit Musical Storytimes

Learn, dance, and sing along at these fun and educational events! Families and kids of all ages and abilities are welcome. Be sure to check our calendar and Eventbrite page for upcoming events.

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