In-Kind Giving

You can help students at Merit School of Music develop as musicians by making a tax-deductible gift of property. Below are some guidelines to consider when making your donation! When making a gift of property, you will be asked to complete a property donation form which will serve as your receipt for the gift.

Merit School of Music will gladly accept donations of instruments in working order to make instrument loans available to our students. We need good quality brass and woodwind instruments and higher-level string instruments as well as empty string, brass, and woodwind cases that are in good working condition. We are currently unable to accept most pianos or folk instruments. However, we may be able to link you directly with a student for a piano donation (please note that a piano donation directly to an individual does not qualify for a tax deduction per IRS rules). Many of our current piano students have only keyboards at home as their families cannot afford the purchase of a piano. For these families, the receipt of a donated piano can be a transformational event in their child’s music education. If this is of interest, please click here for Merit’s Piano Donation Policy.

Music Supplies
Help keep our students in tune and in time by donating your extra metronomes, tuners, sets of strings, and other music supplies to our library.

Performance Wear
Help our students look their best onstage by donating gently used black or white clothing to our collection of performance wear available for loan. We are looking for black pants, skirts, and jackets; white shirts and blouses; and dress shoes for students ages 5-18.

Sheet Music & Music Recordings
We are fortunate to have an extensive collection of sheet music and music recordings available for loan to our students. Due to space constraints, we are NOT currently accepting sheet music or music recordings.

Questions? Contact Maggie Lin at 312.676.3689 or