Hope Bogusch

Ensemble Director IVM Choirs; Faculty: Voice


B.A in Music Education from Carthage College


Hope Bogusch (Wittmus) is a vocalist and educator in the Chicago area. She has been a choral director since 2015 and loves every part of it!

She has taught large and small vocal ensembles at the elementary, middle and high school level and has been a general music teacher educating students in preschool through eighth grade. As a performer in Vox Venti, a Chicago based William Baker Choral Foundation ensemble, she continually is growing and learning as an ensemble member.

Mrs. Hope has been a part of the Merit faculty since 2021 and looks forward to continuing to grow and laugh with students of Merit for years to come.

Favorite song:

My favorite song, is “Beautiful” from the musical Ordinary Days. The entire soundtrack is a constant go to of mine, but I have found a strong connection within the final piece. “For beautiful to happen, the beautiful has got to be seen.”


“Music is a constant in everyone’s lives, if they notice it or not. As a music educator I celebrate all connections to music and help students create familiarity and connections to genres they may not have exposure to. It helps to develop kind, compassionate, resilient students who then grow into kind, compassionate, and resilient adults. Merit is a special place where all students come to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Students here strive to do their best, while supporting accomplishments of everyone around them.”

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