Merit School of Music

Susan Crandall

Faculty: Flute


Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz Germany, MM, Flute Pedagogy
Drake University, BM, Flute Performance


Susan Crandall’s musical journey began at the age of 5 on the piano; her flute journey began though in 5th grade, when she was allowed to try different band instruments in school. She remembers the band director handing her a flute, trying it, and immediately making a sound. From that point on the love story had begun. Music has always been and still is a source of joy, love and inspiration for her no matter what is transpiring in her life.

She loves teaching and helping children find their own unique voice in music. Her intention is to guide each student to reach their musical goal whether that be playing their favorite song or preparing to study music in college. At Merit, she teaches the flute technique classes in the Conservatory, flute classes in the IM program as well as private lessons. She is always pleased to see children (of all ages) bloom and grow on their musical journey. Merit provides a solid, supportive foundation for students and teachers alike to share the common bond of music, building and forging friendships that may have never occurred elsewhere. She offers informed guidance to students as they learn to navigate their instrument and a greater understanding of the language of music. The beauty of music is its ability to reach out and connect everyone at a very deep level.

She studied music in college and received a BM in Flute Performance from Drake University, and a MM in Flute Pedagogy from Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz in Germany. While living in Germany she was Principal Flute with the Frankfurt Chamber Orchestra and performed with chamber groups in Europe. After completing her degree in Germany, she returned to Chicago and began to explore musical options here. At an early stage, she began teaching at Merit and played Principal Flute with Wheaton Symphony for several years. She has also been an extra flute with several local orchestras including Northwest Indiana Symphony, Kenosha Symphony, Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra, Lake Shore Symphony, Fox Valley Symphony, and Highland Park Strings. She loves chamber music and has had many beautiful performance opportunities with chamber groups in the Chicago area.

Her aim is to listen to each student and hear what it is that they wish to do with music. She will always give her utmost to help each student as they pursue their musical dreams, giving them a safe space to play from their heart and sing their very own song on the flute.