Merit School of Music

Dy'Anna Augustus

Student Services Associate


MSc in Audio Engineering, BA Music and Mandarin Chinese


Chicago native, educator, and cat-mom, Dy’Anna began her musical journey in college. With a passion for music and language, she recieved a BA in Music from Knox College and Certifcate of Achievement from Peiking University in Beijing, China. Fueled by wanderlust and passion for electronic music, travelled to the United Kingdom to pursue a Master of Science in Audio Engineering. Since graduating, Dy’Anna has travelled across the world teaching and performing. From China to Italy, her experiences shaped her not only as a musician but as a person. Dy’Anna is proof that music can take you around the world.

Favorite Artist or Song:

Bjork: she is an innovative artist that captures her audience with raw emotions and striking individuality


“We are surround by sound. Different sounds, everyday. Music give us the language to articulate those sounds.”
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