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Miro Hernandez

Faculty: Early Childhood


University of North Texas, BA in Music Education


Miro Hernandez is a Percussion Teaching Artist from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas. His love for music and learning, as well as his respect for his teachers, led him to getting a BA in Music Education and then working with various music programs teaching music with a focus on social-emotional learning. Being a musician and lover of all cultures and genres, Miro has played percussion and drums with many groups ranging from a Balinese Gamelan ensemble to a Latin fusion band.

Miro recently moved to Chicago to continue his career as a musician and educator and is extremely happy to share his love for music and teaching with Merit!


Sufjan Stevens – He is a magnificent storyteller and uses his lyricism and orchestration to create albums that send you on an aural adventure. His music is genre-bending and I love his mixing of electronic and acoustic sounds as well as his musical works for ballet!

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“Music is a special form of expression unlike any other, which has the power to heal and bring together those who create it and those who take it in. Learning music also helps instill many great principals, such as patience, creating routines, and working on a team!”