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Christine Fliginger

Faculty: Violin and Viola


Studied Suzuki violin training in book 1-3
Certified in Every Child Can


Christine Fliginger enjoys performing and teaching music of all genres. Primarily studying classical music, Christine studied at Northern Illinois University under the tutelage of Mathias Tacke of the Vermeer Quartet. She enjoys chamber music and also performing different genres such as traditional Mexican music. Christine has 5 years of performing experience in a Mariachi and enjoys mixing her classical training in a non-classical environment. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and likes to adapt to students needs to make the lessons as beneficial as possible. She also enjoys performing and teaching viola.


Christian Tetzlaff

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“Music Education is important because it creates meaningful connections between students and positively impacts lives greatly. We’re not only improving musical skills but developing our sense of self. It is a gift that follows you for your whole life. Merit is a special place because it’s a place we can all come together, no matter where you’re from and be supported.”