Merit Teams with Cambridge Audio, a Worldwide Leader in Hi-Fi Systems and Audio Playback

Merit School of Music is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Cambridge Audio, a leader in hi-fi systems and audio equipment with a 50-year history of providing the purest sound to music lovers worldwide.

As Cambridge establishes its US office in Chicago this year, one of its goals has been to find a local music partner with whom to collaborate and find mutual support. Merit is fortunate to be that partner.



The first step in that partnership is with a generous charitable contribution on the part of Cambridge, who will share 50% of its proceeds from sales of their SE1 headphones to Merit and another U.S. music organzation, Music Unites. This means that with each pair of SE1’s sold nationwide, Merit will receive a direction contribution to its programs and mission.

“We’re honored to partner with Cambridge Audio, not just for this SE1 headphone campaign, but for a long-term partnership,” said Charles Grode, Merit’s president and executive director. “This new strategic relationship enables Merit to expand its publicity and fundraising efforts into new territory. We are exploring a variety of ways that Merit and Cambridge can join forces to expand the fascination and love of music among our youth, which helps them gain the self-confidence and other skills needed to be successful in music and in life.


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