Héctor Melicoff Rosso

Faculty: Piano


Rice University, Bachelor of Arts (2017) – Roosevelt University, Master’s Degree in Piano Performance (2021) and Piano Performance Diploma (2023) – First International Xalapa Festival 2018, 1st Prize – Parnassós Competition for Young Pianists 2016, 2nd Place – St. Louis Artist Presentation Society Competition 2021, Finalist


Héctor Melicoff is a pianist from Monterrey, Mexico. His passion for this instrument began when he was only 4 years old, when his mother began to teach him how to play, and it has persisted ever since. He has built a reputation in Mexico as one of the brightest pianists of his generation through his numerous appearances in concerts and competitions, particularly the First International Xalapa Piano Festival 2018, where he obtained the first prize by unanimous decision of the jury. He has also performed alongside famous conductors such as Phillipe Entremont and Rodolfo Barráez. His teachers include Dr. Robert Roux, famous for his decades of experience as a professor of professional pianists, and renowned Mexican pianist Jorge Federico Osorio. He has been teaching professionally since 2017 and is committed to cultivating his students’ love for music by focusing on strong fundamentals and a mastery of a variety of skills related to the pianistic profession, such as sight reading and improvisation.

Favorite Musicians:

J.S. Bach – Sonata for Solo Violin No. 3


“I believe an artistic education is one of the most important things to give to a young person, as it will give them the tools to expand their minds and souls, to express themselves in a way that is meaningful to them, and to appreciate the art that was produced by the great minds of the past. I believe Merit School of Music provides an excellent and supportive environment for learning music, while providing a space for students to meet other students from all kinds of backgrounds.”

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