Polk Bros. Hall

More intimate than Foreman Hall, Polk Bros. Hall offers the same high-quality acoustical space and flexible seating options for up to 90 people, seated.

Frequently used for performances, recitals, and rehearsals, Polk Brothers Hall is also well-suited to meetings and lectures where the use of a white board and/or screen is required.

Flexible seating options allow users to organize the space to achieve the desired format and set-up based on the event and expected attendance. Merit Facilities staff are available on-site to assist with any last-minute logistics.

As with all events held at Merit School of Music, Polk Bros. Hall events enjoy the benefit of visibility and signage in the front lobby, along with the support of Merit facilities staff, ensuring a welcoming and helpful environment for guests.


Multi-purpose space to accommodate up to 90 people, seated.

Flexible set-up options to maximize seating and to accomodate a range of event sizes.

Popular for large group meetings, and lectures along with performances, including recitals, rehearsals, receptions, and mid-size meetings or lectures.