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Merit’s new online electives are here to help young musicians tap into new ways of thinking about and making music. This fall, students will have the chance to dive into the history of rap music, radicalize and reclaim music history, prepare for the AP Music Theory exam, and even learn ukulele.

All electives are held online and meet once a week. Sign up to make friends, new discoveries, and music from the safety of home! 

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Explore the sounds of paradise! In this elective, you’ll learn the basics of the ukulele and master a diverse range of songs and genres. Song requests welcome, no experience necessary!

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Prepare for the AP Music Theory exam and deepen your knowledge of how music functions. This class is open to Merit Conservatory students who have already completed Theory Level 3 or other students who have a basic understanding of music theory.

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What exactly is “flow”? Over the course of this class, we’ll take a look at rhythm, articulation, and many other musical aspects in order to truly understand the intricacies of rap. We’ll study the evolution of flow and explore trends to see how rap has evolved over the course of history. Together, we’ll build our musical skills, knowledge, and vocabulary, in order to answer questions such as:

  • What characterizes a rapper’s flow?
  • What makes a rapper’s delivery effective or ineffective?
  • What distinguishes certain rappers from others?
  • How can we talk about rap music using the same concepts and ideas that we use to discuss and analyze the classical or jazz music that we learn and perform?

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