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Kristen Regester

Faculty: Early Childhood


University of Michigan, BA, Instrumental Music Education
Working towards: Carnegie Mellon University, Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certification


Kristen Regester is an Early Childhood instructor at Merit School of Music. A percussionist, dancer, and singer, Kristen has been teaching and performing around Chicago since 1999. She started her career at Sherwood Community Music School and received her Music Together Certification in 2000. She went on to create early childhood curricula and served as Children’s Program Chair at Columbia College.

Kristen now spends her time applying the principles of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a unique kinesthetic approach to music education, to the students at four different music schools including Merit, Old Town School of Folk Music, Merry Music Makers, and the Music Institute of Chicago. She is very passionate about working with people who are differently-abled, and finds that music is the bridge connecting her to them.


Emile Jacques Dalcroze because being immersed in learning his music education philosophy has improved me as a teacher, musician, and human!

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“Music ignites all areas of child development and builds upon skill sets including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, and language development. It helps the mind/body connection and simply makes us more joyful!”