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Brigid Finucane

Faculty: Early Childhood & General Music


JFK University/Fiberworks
M.F.A., Visual Arts (Fiber and Mixed Media Emphasis)

Lawrence University
University of Minnesota
B.A., Art




Early childhood music is the both focus of Brigid Finucane’s work and a personal passion. Growing up, she was surrounded by the “joyful experience” of music and community singing, and now relishes the opportunity to share this joy with young students to help them become confident and creative musical beings, and to mentor other early childhood music teachers.

Ms. Finucane embraces Merit’s holistic, child-centered approach, where musical exploration combines with a child’s development, and celebrates the diversity of human expression. In addition to teaching early childhood music and literacy at Merit, Ms. Finucane teaches off-site as part of the school’s Bridges: Partners in Music program. She has taught at numerous elementary schools and community centers throughout the greater Chicago area.

A designated faculty mentor at Merit, Ms. Finucane is active in the Children’s Music Network and is the editor its online journal, Pass it On! A regular conference presenter on early childhood music, Ms. Finucane has presented workshops on music and literary, cross-cultural singing games and dances, iPads in the musical classroom, and other topics for the Erikson Institute, Chicago City Colleges, NAEYC and CMAEYC, among others. She publishes articles and lesson plans, and contributes to a blog for the early childhood music community.

Ms. Finucane holds a Bachelor of Arts in art from the University of Minnesota, and a Master in Fine Arts in textiles from JFK University in Berkeley, California. She has participated in numerous music education certification programs that include Orff and Kodaly Level I, Dalcroze, and Smithsonian Folkways Certification in World Music Pedagogy.

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“Music provides unique avenues to connect to the world and to discover and express what it means to be human. Merit ‘gets it.’”